What to Expect

What should I expect when I come?
When you drive into the parking lot, you will find our beautiful church building! As you enter, you will be warmly welcomed and find directions to restrooms, children's programs, and the sanctuary.

Is this a Christian church, or something else?
Though non-traditional in style, Seaport Community Church is deeply committed to the eternal truths of the Christian faith. Our vision is simple: we are becoming a church that effectively represents Christ's love in an ever-changing culture. Our mission is equally clear: to help people discover and experience the life-changing love of God.

What kind of church is this?
Seaport Community Church is a place designed to serve both Christians and those who consider themselves spiritual seekers. It's a safe place for people who are looking for answers to their spiritual questions and simply want to check out Christianity without anyone pressuring them. It's also a place where those who have decided to follow Jesus Christ can learn and be encouraged in their spiritual growth. We are affiliated with the Assemblies of God, which gives plenty of freedom to be what we need to be while providing wise counsel, resources, accountability, and relationship.

What should I wear?
There really is no dress code! You will find people dressed in a varied range from casual attire to business suits.

How long will the service last?
About 65-75 minutes.  Don’t worry, we guarantee you will not be bored!

What will the service be like?
At 10 AM you will experience God in a variety of ways. Seaport might be a little different from what you're used to in a church. Multi-media, humorous dramas, contemporary music and practical messages aimed at real-life issues are used to present the timeless truths of Scripture at an introductory level easily understood by spiritual beginners and seasoned followers alike.

Will I have to say anything, sign anything, give anything, or be singled out in any way?
Rest assured that you won’t be put on the spot, singled-out, or embarrassed. We will give you a free gift if you desire to complete the “Welcome” (digital) card. Though we do receive an offering, we don’t want anyone to feel obligated to give – the service is our gift to you! We do like to collect some basic information from people, but if you’d prefer not to give it that’s all right too. However, for security reasons, we do require some basic information if you decide to send your children to our Nursery or Children’s Ministries classes.

What about my kids - do they come in with me, or is there something going on for them?
Our Children's Ministry provides an exciting, quality experience for your infants to fifth-grade children simultaneously with each and every service. We also offer ministry for Jr. and Sr. High Students.

Our kid's programs allow you to maximize your experience at Seaport Community Church, while your children/teens are receiving high-levels of care, attention, and age-appropriate scriptural teaching. All of our workers are carefully screened because we care about your kids!

All of our children’s ministries classes up to fifth grade are offered during the entire service. Junior & Senior High Students join us in the sanctuary for worship & singing with the adults and if classes are scheduled they will be dismissed to their class following our worship time together.

How do I check my kids in?
All kids, infants through 12th grade, register at the bright-colored check-in kiosk. One of our greeters or children’s ministries volunteers will help you with the initial check-in process. Your child will receive a nametag with a security number and you will receive a corresponding security tag for pick-up time.
You may drop them off to class and then head directly to the sanctuary.

What if I am not ready to leave my infant in the Nursery?
"Can I keep them in service with me? What if they get fussy?"  We love babies here at Seaport! View all the options that Seaport has available for you and your infant.

Do you have ministries for adults?
We offer a large slate of ministries for all adults that are designed to facilitate your spiritual, emotional, and relational growth.

What do we believe?
It would take more space than what we can handle here, but the Assemblies of God Website will tell you more.

How large is your church?
Seaport's Sunday morning attendance is approximately 200.