Become a Christian

Becoming a Christian is about listening to what your heart is saying.

Have you ever just KNOWN something was right, or true?  Sometimes that’s how God talks to us.  That’s called faith. You may not have a flashing sign on the roadside – you just somehow know that THIS is the way you’re supposed to go.  Or maybe you’ve looked at the facts and determined that the only answer behind the wonder of creation is the personal God found in Jesus Christ.  However you have come, faith is often an answer that is past the simple explanation.

Becoming a Christian is not difficult.  In fact, it can be summed up in five steps.

  1. Know God DEEPLY loves you.

    God desires to bring you into a close relationship with Him so that He can bring you healing, wholeness and meaning.

  2. Understand that sin (wrong action) keeps you from God, and God from you!

    All of us have sinned and offended God. Whether our sins are big or small, they still separate us from God and hinder us from experiencing all he has for us both in this life and in eternity.

  3. Believe/Trust that only Jesus Christ made a way for you to enter all God has for you and His true plan for your life.

    Jesus died on the cross to pay the required penalty for sin so that you and I would not have to! He is the only one to have loved us enough to die in our place.

  4. Seek Forgiveness

    Look at what you have done to offend God and ask him to forgive you. Make a decision to change your life and, with God’s help, no longer engage in those things.  God will then wipe your sins.

  5. Invite Jesus Christ into your life.

    Here’s the BIG step. Ask Christ to come into your life and begin to lead you into the life of wholeness and significance that He created you for. Get ready for some wonderful changes!