COVID Protocols – August 2021

Per Town of Groton Covid-19 Mask Mandate:

Effective Monday, August 23rd, regardless of vaccination status, the wearing of masks or cloth face coverings is required in any private indoor business, and in any places of employment, where social distancing is impractical, unlikely, or difficult to maintain, within the Town of Groton. Visit to learn more. 

Due to this updated mandate, we ask that you and your families please wear a mask while in transit in the building. Once you are seated in the sanctuary, socially distanced, masks may be removed.

Parents, please have a conversation with your children to review your expectations with them. We request that kids wear masks while in transit. If you wish for your child to keep their mask on for the duration of class, please make that clear to them. Review with your child where they should put it so they don’t play with it during class time. We do ask that if the kids are brought up front for an activity or working closely with another friend that they have a mask for during those times. Our capability to fully socially distance is limited. As always, our classrooms and nursery are routinely cleaned and disinfected after each use.

Thank you for continuing to adhere to the sick policy and keeping your family home when not well. We will continue to update as we are instructed.

PLEASE continue to pray that God protects all of us and that the pandemic comes to an end soon.

Bless you friends!

Pastor Brad Whipple