Mission To Military

We began with a passion to be a “home away from home” for our military and their families. A place that doesn’t say, “While you are here come and worship with us” but “We exist to bless you”. Even before we planted the church we sensed God calling us to reach out to our military with the intent of helping them be stronger in their faith or even begin a journey with Jesus. In doing so, the Gospel would go with them and they would be “missionaries at government expense.” Seaport is “a church designed with the military in mind.”

The blessing of this has been the hundreds and hundreds that have come through Seaport of which many we are still in contact with! Seaport has been incredibly blessed by the families that have come here and given so much of their time, skills, resources, and more to make Seaport the church it is.

VISION!-Seaport has a huge God vision we want to bring forward one day. It is to be “One Church-4 Locations-1 Mission” with campuses in Groton, Kitsap, Kings Bay, and San Diego.