Promotional Release Form

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    I understand that promotional materials are used by Seaport Community Church Ministries.
    With this form, I, the parent/guardian, am indicating whether my child/youth is able to appear on any promotional materials by choosing one of the options below:

    YES I CONSENTNO I DO NOT CONSENT to the use of Livestream media, videotapes, photographs, slides, audio tapes, or any other visual or audio reproduction in which my child/youth, may appear by Seaport Community Church. I release Seaport Community Church from any liabilities connected with the use of my child's/youth's picture, name, likeness or voice recording as part of any print or electronic promotional recruitment, fund-raising or media press release. No royalties or compensation will be incurred by anyone. All pictures and recordings will be accounted for and protected from use by any unauthorized person or organization.

    If there is a change of status regarding the use of promotional materials for my child/youth, I understand that it is my responsibility to contact the Children's or Youth Ministry Director to make the appropriate changes.