The Encounter

What is The Encounter?

The Encounter is a 3 day (Friday evening to Sunday afternoon) spiritual experience designed to:

  1. Embrace the life-changing power of the cross of Jesus Christ
  2. Bring physical and emotional healing
  3. Restore a sense of worth and value
  4. Recapture a passion for God, marriage, family, church and employment
  5. Set a person on a track and enable them to profoundly impact others

“In all my years of ministry, I have never seen anything like The Encounter.  Personally, I have traveled to several “spiritual hotspots” around the world, but have yet to see anything that produces the deep work in our lives like The Encounter.  It has been described as a “radical change in 48 hours,” and it is!  Since Seaport began conducting these meetings in 2003, individuals have found a level of relationship with God like never before.”  — Pastor Brad Whipple

What others are saying about The Encounter

“Picture looking out the window, you can see everything but it’s just the outdoors, no luster and dull. Something in you goes for the Windex and you clean the window. After spraying and wiping it away you look at the cloth which is now black. As you go from that black cloth to the window, you start to see everything pop in color and brightness. You are amazed at every little minute detail and now want to show everyone.” — Stephen Foote

“Encounter was an amazing experience with the Lord. For me, it confirmed many of the things He was telling me about my life and the things He has been telling me to prepare for. It was my opportunity with Him to acknowledge my deficiencies, give them to Him, turn a corner, and get on His plan. Everything has been different since that weekend!” — Ed Valdez

“Encounter is the beginning of the rest of your life. You have to choose whether to hold back and not allow God bless your life, or drop your guard be willing to make a change to be a better man.” — Jonathan Rodriguez