Student Ministry Director

As Seaport’s Student Ministry Director, Chris Phillips is responsible for organizing and overseeing Bible studies, Sunday youth service, and any events for grades 6-12. He works with a full team (including student leaders) who are committed to discipleship and teaching the youth so they can grow in their relationship with the Lord encouraging them to boldly spread the Gospel to their friends and family.

Chris has stepped into several roles over the past year here at Seaport. As a formal Pastoral Intern since December 2019 he currently serves as both Seaport’s Student Ministry Director and the Technical Director.

After coming to Christ in 2016 he has a passion to share Christ with everyone and his heart is for people, especially those in the military, to find the healing promised in the Gospel.  His life experience as a Husband, Father, Navy Chief, and a Submarine Independent Duty Corpsman have primed him for a life of selfless service.  

Chris and Nikole have been married for 17 years and together they have three wonderful children Kadyn, Gabriella, and Trystan.